Contact Centre for foreign nationals

The Contact Centre for foreign nationals provides information to all healthcare professionals, such as general and practical nurses, midwives, medical laboratory technicians and physical therapists, as well as physicians, dentists and pharmacists from countries outside the EU who are seeking healthcare jobs in the Czech Republic.


Employment of healthcare professionals from outside the European Union in the Czech Republic

“Third-country nationals” refers to citizens of countries other than Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and EU member states. Foreign nationals with a family member who is a citizen of an EU member state, EEA state or Switzerland are not third-country nationals.

Third-country nationals who plan to travel to the Czech Republic to find employment must have a work permit as well as a valid residence permit – that is, either an Employee Card or a Blue Card. There are several steps that foreign nationals must take before they can apply for either the Employee Card or the Blue Card.

Both the Employee Card and the Blue Card are only issued for a specific position and employer. It is recommended to find a job vacancy and get in touch with your future employer first. Healthcare professions in the Czech Republic are regulated by law. This means that there are legal requirements that you have to meet in order to work as a healthcare professional in the Czech Republic. Applicants seeking positions in healthcare must have a document certifying that they have met the requirement for practising a regulated profession. This means that before applying for a visa, they must apply to the Ministry of Health to issue a certification of qualification to practice a healthcare profession.

The Ministry of Health will only issue a decision confirming that the requirements to practice a regulated profession have been met based on a submitted proof of recognition of foreign education credentials (“nostrification”). Recognition of foreign education credentials is a procedure to confirm that the level of education completed outside the Czech Republic is equivalent to the level required in the Czech Republic.

The Czech government has implemented three programmes to support labour migration. These programmes make it easier to apply for an Employee Card or a Blue Card at Czech embassies. These programmes are designed for Czech employers, who include the details of their future employee on their application to the programme. Once the employer is registered in the programme, the embassy sets a submission date for the applicant’s Employee Card or Blue Card application and communicates the date either to the employer or directly to the applicant.

Applicants must have all the required documents ready when they come to apply for the Employee Card or Blue Card.

Step-by-step guidelines for foreign nationals:

  1. 1. Find a job vacancy and contact the health service provider.
  2. 2. Obtain proof of recognition of foreign education credentials (“nostrification”).
  3. 3. Obtain a certification of qualification to practice a healthcare profession in the Czech Republic.
  4. 4. Obtain an Employee Card or a Blue Card.
  5. 5.Travel to the Czech Republic and start your job.

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